So What Is God’s Hope for America?

Now, 43 days later, we’ve reached the end! From San Francisco through the Southern states, up the East Coast and back to Oregon, it has been a tremendous journey of profound realizations, devoted prayer, joyous reunions and enthusiastic response from the people we met. One of the most common things we heard on the road, by people seeing the large “God’s Hope for America” banner along the side of the bus, was, “Now, this is what we need!”

We have visited 55 Holy Grounds, in 48 states, in 43 days, but God’s Hope for America doesn’t end here, just as Father Moon only just began his mission in America with establishing the Holy Grounds. His footsteps continue, and we will continue to follow them and carry his vision. This pilgrimage is a burst of momentum to power us forward and align America and the world with God’s Kingdom. We’ve paved the way for future pilgrimages as well; consider taking your own pilgrimage with your family, friends or your youth group to each Holy Ground, or to a few in your region.

Our united and continuous prayer will stand strong and represent God’s voice across the nation. It’s time to spread God’s hope to our neighbors, our coworkers, and new people we’ve just met. There are so many people out there ready to meet God or to dedicate their lives to building what Father and Mother Moon have envisioned and worked so hard to build. We hope you can look back at the highlights of the trip and gain new inspiration whenever you need it.

Before you go, think about this: How are YOU God’s Hope for America?